Serving Human Destiny, approaching my fate!

“any reform movement that went outside of established institutions could only be harmful to the country’s democratic achievement.”

Crisis in Democracy, professor at University of Kentucky

Such firebrands provide new ideas, new approaches, new methodologies and results. Cryptocurrencies’ attempt, for example.

At some point, for the government to do official trade instead of behind closed doors and under the table deals, the law contracts devised in major law firms in New York are going to have to be weighed for constitutionality per dictum 1) U.S. Constitution is natural law, thereby what constitutes the American government is natural law.

2) Genocide or any policy of socioeconpolitico policy promoting genocide is unnatural law and thereby unconstitutional law.

Outside the box of political institutions leans on the private sector and government reconstituted with 20-39 amendments keeping the private sector, limiting government ownership of stock and bonds in private enterprise for stock exchange “healthy heart” rhythm seen “on the fly.”

Abraham Boulder

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