“…open up channels of influence for every group. Elites would, in fact, represent the interest of each group much more adequately than could it’s members as a to whole…. Group theory thus served another function, reconciling an elitist orientation with popular values.”

Not from high, elite, ground swell, shake very, very forcibly–will we ever wake up. Three days–3 days to regain sanity–always. Some dead. Some never recover. Others do.  Rock bottom five inches.

Resilience in mainstream solar system geologic evolution. Here’s to millions, and millions of years. Here’s to a few billion! Can we last a million? Thereby, last 276 million?? The dinosaurs lasted 173 million years. Our mammalian endoskeleton: 2 million years existence! Our core brain stem, connected to mammalian endoskeleton! And our executive function of outer most layer of neurons: prep. work from below. “Do it! Get it done–correctly!” “Please.”

And what of the lizard-snake? In relation to Jesus? Is it a clean-up job for the Almighty?

Off to heaven, wasted from opium, heroin, and crack. From ecstasy, sunshine, and mesc.??

Our civilization when from Enlightenment through reason to classical mechanical logic, dragging ourselves through the streets. There was deconstructionist disassembly of mechanics, perverse victory of post-modern, Straussian lies, Post-Straussian enactments into law more lies.

We become rotted, putrefied. To avoid plague, doesn’t a lizard-snake seem a savior while you ascend for believers to everlasting life!

Now that we’re done. What of post-Enlightenment? What of: “We take from here. Leave this. Leave that. And so on.”

What of world civilization –an amalgam of East and West? World societies, including indigenous peoples, and the remains of sacred heritage and language?

Abraham Boulder

P.S. What of our own snake. To crucify Jesus yet again. Or, fertility rites. Human singularity to procreate and to begin anew!

post-Enlightenment. post-Work, or drudgery!! If we want to play: is it fantastic! A marvel. Stupendous! Bull’s-eye!

Do we wake up. Present in the new day. A new era. A 500-year Science Part II. A G20 towards G200.

Can we legally allow people to exist as humans species? It sounds unfamiliar, but are we not divorced from who we certainly are?

Can we make legal provisions for all who want it, i.e., those that need to spend eternity in heaven instead of subjected to hell by royalty?

Ralph Waldo Enerson spoke of a Universal Mind from the Creator, be it Jesus, or Not.

I speak of a universal unified field of consciousness of life. A vital life force energy, amidst suffering, and death. To be key, “Qi” in the “Chi” of “Tao of Nasi, balance in Life, as in death.

I speak of a time Jews see themselves other than, themselves. Four hundred years hence. Post-End-of-days. A new era. New civilization and world societies.

What are we to become within the 500-year Part II Science Period? One wonders what became of us. Do you?


P.S.S. And in all our differences in global trade, we genocide our future Destiny, or we come to grips with who, we are, our heritage, language, beliefs.

And we make 25–nay, 35–nay, still–45 amendments for Law to be reestablished through the U.S. Constitution to dedicate ourselves to Revolution (remarkable advancement with an Inspector General consultants) to keep the brain homo sapiens or homo sapiens sapiens and correct memes measured as acceptable for our biological evolution through macrobiometrics of our human species.  AI Tool only.

Extermination not natural law, thereby unconstitutional in application.  Contracts weighed for constitutionality.  Forty-five amendments to get up to speed with this century and it’s realities.  Multi-lateral discussions.



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