Universal margin of error in solar systems

Margin of error in confidence and convention, professionalism, objectivism, and stubborn nominalism.

Totalitarian margin of error and the need for license for exact actuality, but a requisite that applied science and applied technology have license for performance to deal with Isaac Newton’s solar system “correction” after increasing error margin.

“Universal errors of margin” vs. where are we now +/-placement of metric or how far the decimal point goes left on a marked note.

Human species that involved in “correction” represented by group psyche each applying their own minds, but by how much measured determined via macrobiometrics, and releasing psyche tension when the correction occurs. Adjustment at humankind’s historical time.

Things may seem “out of place” for some time (e.g., apocalyptic vision). Reason serves us well, gentlemen and ladies, suck it in and get readjusted to universal law applied on this exoplanet, rather than our infantile mark upon the universe.

More say, exoplanet among exoplanets in the known universe–and then some. Rather than Earth-bound gravity of graveness of a parodied Winston Churchill.

To know, does not mean seasoned in application, but entails pomposity absurdly addressed to your psyche-economy deficit with insistence of victory by an post-modern idiot.

Hobbes reasoned his way out of the quagmire. He systematically approached and tackled one subject at a time, reminiscent of a father reassuring his daughter or son that things can be alright if we remember where we are: in the universe, more so than on Earth. That what we don’t, for example 95% of the universe is in God’s hand. That Issac universal correction needs to be explained and accepted by peer review.

That hell turns out to be so nasty, because heaven’s light fails to be seen as highlighting exoplanet Earth as a gift from the heavens, instead of a toxic dump.

In our irrationalities we fail to acknowledge our shadow and heal or withdraw from our addictions.  Irrationality is not the problem.  Reasoning it to it’s appropriate place is prudent, necessary, and the answer.  We are not getting rid of irrationalities.  We may quiet them and move them along.  That’s all.

Abraham Boulder

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