Suffering Betsy, I’m going to lose an eye

Effort at putting acid drop in pupil (cornea?). Twice successful. One not-so-much.

They are so dedicated to the Vienna circle of not-metaphysical, that my study of Carl Jung expressed the belief that dream states can predict future states.  Jung said future events are God-archetype related.  That it could happen in your psyche (acknowledging heartfelt input) between Maker and believer, only mutiples.  That is, your own idiosyncratic experience experienced by a sizable group of people in their own way, even those people on Earth

I don’t think they want to take my eye out so much as they want to eliminate my occiorbital cortex.

My fantasies, they fear, may turn to vision, in their thinking, and it scares the pants off them.

I would not be surprised if the illumanti joined Pope and ex-pope in keeping everything “solid’ and using applied technology and technique pull off such a feat.

I don’t see a big deal here. We can always say, “no” to an invite.  Especially, as it is part of Judeo-Christian ethics that we can choose to do so.

I think reason like Hobbes is key-notmere rationalities, or for that matter, irrationalities.

Abraham Boulder



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