The gods of publishing

Lacking foresight, insight, and filled with sorcery hindsight–missing the kick-ass forwardthrust of jet fighters’ afterburners clairvoyant with clear perception instead of occult sorcery rearing that leads to 20,000 deities that are salient in consciousness in India and Tibet, confusing people originally from that region, internally.

Also learningforward movement by trusting the application of unconscious and collective unconsciousness to tribes and nations–each their own psyches, a cross between brain and mind that allows for neurolimbic feelings to transmit directly and generally imagined conversations using cognition found in a commons, or just-previous venue amongst the group.

Abraham Boulder

P.S. America always had freedom of conscience embedded in Amendment 1 of the United States Constitution. (from “Founding Faith”).

Internal conscience is sacred and own person’s borders upheld.  Using public or private as words describing conscience may encourage the state to intrude.  Consider MEME: internal conscience.  Invoke the First Amendment’s language promoting free speech!




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