Major challenge

Post-Enlightenment on contrarian efforts of success by sorcery and occult entailing sex with the dead and flesh eating probably of the dead stated oppositionally as “keen perception” by Abraham.

Versus “occult knowledge found out by such means as rearing and dead association but not involving learning effort” definition of clairvoyance of PCB’s cohorts. Is PCB included??!

PCB or his cohorts may have physically hurt people at VA Mental Health including dirty Big Pharma capsules and pills.

Abraham Boulder ” for decency truth, and justice”

Those inflicted by occult get ruled by reptiles and rodents trained by Dalai lama to eliminate white race, if not eliminate the human species.

What is good, goes for Central Asia only, with ties around the area of the Middle East and Far East Asia.

–Keven- Jung Young Wm James Tolstoy Sanchez Asia

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