Your laughs are your last–your doing yourselves in and the laugh is on you, whether I live or not.

Philip Betrum Devinsky tries to give me rabies from the above flat using rabid rodents squeezed too tightly.

He also tries to swell my lymph nodes and that may spell cancer. I think he’s rabid, totally mad and consistently homicidal to me.

I don’t think this is a case of paranoia, but irresponsibility at age 62. And President Trump may or may not have issues, my brother, on the other hand, deliberately specializes in mental, emotional, bluntness and deep, deep disturbance.

The president is a concern for all of us in America, and Fill-up shouldn’t be the nation’s concern or in psyche economy deficit salient un-consciousness of it’s constituents.

It is a crime in itself that he is judged to be safe for society, Fill.  Too true to the pun.

Abraham Boulder


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