Post-Modern woes

“The American given when speaking of the U.S. government was ‘pluralistic and therefore good’ or conversely, ‘good and therefore pluralistic’ [depending on what came first] tended to create a fundamental complacen[cy] in attitude among intellectuals, depriving democratic theory of its traditional moral critical function, and to gloss over the glaring discrepancies of wealth and power that existed in American society.”

-Purcell, Jr., Edward A. “Crisis in Democracy” In: Lane Davis, “The Cost of Realism …” Western Political Theory, 17 (March 1964)

What is included here is a peculiar inability to keep mindful because (“all is good”). Mindful on the discipline of learning new things.

Lack of legitimate discriminating power in liberal presence in a person cultivates a “bottom of the barrel” pretext that usurps power away from the center of liberal [read: “the individual”] extreme.

It’s an effort of the general population of one type or another pushing to the side legitimate status that may very well be serving the community-at-large.

Not to disempower group participation–on the other hand, not to take away a known asset to the community, even when the participant in the community is established in society, neither.

Equal rights for all disabled with those not disabled. Mental health is good. I have to check medical notes to be sure they are medical, and not judgments outside of healthcare.

Journalism seldom speaks context to it’s stories. And medical professionals may write stories in notes not pertaining to their medical practice.

Keven Jung Young Wm James Tolstoy

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