When does retardation get personal?*

Besides the possibility of familial allegiance or neighborly support for a special person or persons, retardation seldom reaches the personal life of many a life.

Political science has left metaphysics aside because of an inability to quantify phenomenon in a chosen standard unit. (“Crisis in Democracy”)

Retardation however can cause an affective “ridge” that can be felt and appear quite apparent in the metaphysical area of feeling and the working realm of Plato’s “pure intellect” in “spirit” which Gassendi said had “reason as an aspect of spirit.”

What I claim, not as superstition, or pseudo knowledge, but a reasoning that is valid, is that this “curbing affect” that some retarded persons utilize can get in a way of the natural, pure intellect. Although such intellect can encompass a great mind, may be weak in impetus, in reality; and thus has to be protected so that society gets the best, intellectual-prowess work accomplished and the special retarded person kept at distance by not electing him to state attorney general.

Such a “strength” or lack of prowess (except for the prowess he or she does indeed acheive in mind at the true level of education his mind has reached), eclipses intelligence, simply stated. And a common unconscious labeled the “authority-common unconscious” has been introduced using Jung’s jargon with regard to the legal authority of state..

That many  a person is affected by this “authority unconscious” for the benefits or deficit of State objectives and civil profit.

Choose or don’t choose it–it will be the majority who decides. I present information that was left out of consideration for a long time because of lack of standard units–metaphysically.

Now I say the units are “historical time” and measure is “a sense of urgency” we no longer can be complacent about.

I do not speak of him as a “bad” man–these things, I do not know. I speak of a phenomenon idiosyncratic to retarded persons that under the state law official title of attorney general and with the reality that the State is law; the person allegedly will cap intelligence and the best work effort of persons in this land of Washington will be curtailed by the state law official by his ego/affect curbing/ridge capability.

This is completely controversial because it occurs in metaphysics, and until now no quantification has ever measured how obstructive affect instilled into state law, applied; would significantly, or even very significantly stymie the weak, pure intellect prowess necessary to guide us in history that has taken 200,000 years to culmimate–to prevent the extinction of our species.

Complacent positions just let us achieve, or the best of us achieve in retarded prowess which may indeed feel great with what may be a great guy, but eclipses our survivability ratio in ongoing day-to-day, or hour-by-hour work effort reality.

Stacking odds against continued living eventually eliminate our chances to survive.

See this anthropologically. I have no personal animosity to such an elected top official of Law.

This is purely self-evident as Thomas Jefferson would say if in fact you ascertain that this “affect curb” or boundary does exist, and whether or not it eclipses the best of us, at work.

Abraham Boulder

*The question:  Is this a discussion of phenomenon via natural philosophy that is considered ontologically valid, as well as a posteriori ?

P.S. We have been complacent to destroy metaphysics out of an urgent need to find adequate measure via standard units to scale a system with quantitative values showing different levels or degrees of urgency, and so, pressing need to research relevant AND vital information necessary for the continuation of our species.

Therefore, the standard units are “historical time,” and the values are “when is it time to change behavior in a moment’s notice to aid and succeed historically to fit the mission of the survival of the human species.” And, “how immediate does such action have to be taken to satisfy historical times in the now?*


When do we go out of our way to aid or assist record breaking behavior that befits the mission of the “survival of our human species?”

Question:. Is there ever a “bomb” so destructive and efficient in our demise that, instead, does not ever go off?  Have we gone too far with amphetamine pills?

Abraham Boulder

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