Trouble at home

I am condemned and assaulted by the Aryan Nation, that only a Jew participant could carry out! (Condemn-Nation by Death participants.)

Sleeping with the Devil, what amounts to sleeping with the Dead, I am assailed with worms both ancient and uniquely from the Jew death camps, especially from Wig-Wam.

Can he be doing Catholic acts, that instead of asps, there are worms? Not appetizing, but religiously significant?

My brain is assailed. My consciousness narrows.

Ninety-five percent Death and Mentally ill.  Five percent professionalism and neurotically post-Modern victory.  I am overwhelmed by their audaciousness.  Can I not be seen?  Is this not something I could gain an assist to survive?  Get Wig-Wam out of the above quarters.  They put me away to protect me from society.  Are these truly acts of society? Can I be assisted from the community?  Can Wig-Wam be controlled?

Keven Jung Young Wm James Tolstoy.

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