Hey there! Take a look at this. The way I see it.

Magic=variety of spirit.  God of sanity and health, redemption and resilience, material wealth, immaterial wealth (spiritual bounty), serenity, equanimity, and genuine love; is the constructive magic of the negative and sometimes positive constructive (not to burn-out or totally burn-out from all the negativity in spirit, talk, or emotions.)  Let us say, Amen.

It’s the only one God, amplified through prayer, the way He wants it, giving constructive input to reap harvest from and take profit from.  Amen.

Such a God sees Satan as strength in the Earth domain limited by a reoccurring Reedemer of Earth action from the only one that Be, so that the Not, isn’t delusional and, plum, a wrecking yard, of ignorance and stupidity, set out to destroy eternity, by totalling the human species and setting up a single State to replace them.  The only thing existing . . . .

Human singularity with AI Tool, the way of the apposable thumb grip, inch 1/2 thumb, foot feet, and outstretched yard.

Opposing the tyranny of AI Virus Autonomous.

Needing AI Firewall on, AI Tool, AI anti-Virus on any mechanical or electronic creature (AI singularity) not made a tool to carry out it’s functions only.

Say, Amen. And let’s see it done.  AI Tool.  Human singularity.  Constructive negative, with positive measure, to avoid burn-out, or total burn-out.  Profit.  Rest.  Love.

Abraham Boulder
– Keven.

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