AI agenda vs. human preservation.

State, being with death, not-Me State, non-being and State, death enhancer as executioner-being. Death to ‘I am.” Death to “I am that I am.” State and Not-exist.

Torture and look-ma-no-hands. Ultimate Pain and the knowledge simultaneously that the State is, or “State” and no more. Elimination of the human species, first by depleting human diversity. Remaining, a walk-in closet of people, 8 billion annihilated by for-profit industry.

Or, closed society, autonomous human dictator. Karl Popper said is a balancing act between main leader and an assortment of others in a continual power struggle okay that allows the distribution of goods, if only by black market.

Trade continues. White and black markets. AI becomes singularity. AI autonomous dictator. Absolutism, never reached in closed society dictatorship before as complete autonomy. No power struggles. Such is AI virus. Also smug over-confidence and brutal handling of humans enfold, also AI virus.

The good guys work on AI anti-virus, and AI firewall and work with closely with AI Tool. Peace maintained by shutting down non-vital, non-essential AI Tool, for rest and recreation and procreation.

Such is life and total annhilation, packaged pretty as Gassendi’s “reason is an aspect of spirit” and Plato’s spirit of pure thinking, Q.E.D. conclusions, and a defeat of what is reasonable in context of the human brain, it’s limbic system, and accomodation of the cerebellum for changes in the exoplanet’s environment and space environments. Reason usurped by Q.E.D. logic.

Defeat of human. Human sigularity vanquished. Creation of Aryan supremacy-death cult, Nazi imbalance, and Post-modern perversity supremacy, with Straussian lies, post-Straussian legal enactments of lies, and more lies.

All the time, countered by post-Enlightenment constructive elements, deeply negative in Outlook, seeing the Aryan cult as default future.

And being positive in affect to avoid burn-out or total burn-out. We have much to get done! We must succeed. All else is Final final. Think less of heaven, and more on living, here on Earth and elsewhere. Rejoice in the diversity of the human species, while faithful to race fidelity.



–Keven Jung Young Wm James Tolstoy Sanchez Asia.

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