Go! Go!

Father God, God of beginnings, Creator God,. Constructive animation, constructive, worthwhile, universal beneficial magic.

It is He that the genius idea of the Jews comes about. Besides the apparent, innumerable, valid, personal ambitions of all specific groups’ futures as victors on this exoplanet.

You see, the God of beginnings had (has) laws that push/pull for destiny. As a dogmatic behavioral science text:. What is involved here is, from the Father comes the enabling idea of human destiny on this exoplanet.

Jesus is the enabler in eternity. Eternal now, future nows, past nows. But God, the Father is for earthling on this exoplanet, and any exoplanet we arrive at by entanglement. It is secular, as well. And favors human singularity of the physical human and animating principle for now and future generations to come, on exoplanets throughout this ultrahuge universe playground (serious one, though).

Pray, we choose to continue living on this planet. Pray, that Our Father shows us divergent answers to complex problems. Simple and effective answers and regard for manners and custom. Total focus for 200,000 year journey more.



Abraham Boulder

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