Cook out should not cook the scientific books

Year 2018

Well, let’s look at this combo pizza.

Disdain for science, Straussian philosophical lying, toxicity from dead brain cells spells “sinister” in behavioral science, and accompanying gufaws for “sheer awfulness” of Post-Straussian implementation policies of pseudo-scientific approaches and procedures for handling radioactive waste.

Or, where is President Trump going to locate radioactive waste that is overly abundant. Fission nuclear power plants would use some of these concentrations as fuel!

Or, what sinister joke jams the president’s funny bone as an answer to radioactive waste handling and placement?

This stuff is not going anywhere soon. Takes thousand of years to inertness. Don’t like the comic handling of very toxic substances: radioactive waste, and even classified hazardous waste (both very, very toxic; and easily mis-handled and mis-managed).

Because of these conclusions, shouldn’t roustabouts from oil be a Mavericks-of- responsibility to take the load off government to reassure consumers that policy for handling and safe magement of these waste streams is assured?!!

Let’s see private initiative to take up all that slack the president leaves us with regards to responsible action with enough pragmatic integrity in private enterprise that if the president doesn’t use science, the private sector, on the other hand, cannot afford this intentional political delusion with regards to radioactive and hazardous wastestreams.

Do this for family, the wife, the kids, the dog, the cat, and that hamster.

What’s in Your Rice Krispies® today?!

Abraham Boulder.

–Keven Jung Young Wm James Tolstoy Sanchez Asia.

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