What is in question is our survival.

“God has no image because He is not physical. He transcends the physical universe because He created it. Therefore He is free, unconstrained by the laws of matter.*  Ethics


But making the point that Mankind matters by some Only One that doesn’t–matter via scientitsts and the conmunist party, besides the dynamics of absolute rule, and scholarly naming the ancient Greeks as reference, but not the Hebrews, for fated Jonestown, and inquisitiveness of Jamestown.

The only One God idea serves to propel this Earth’s population with all it’s groups for 200,000 more years, relying on the scientific “law of human diversity” for the greatest probability of human survival.

What we learn, the lesson at hand from the Hebrews while Nietzche philosophize’s God’s death through intellectual “c’est vrais,” is that all groups aspire to be on Exoplanet Earth in the future and that there Be an actual Future to be present in.

–Keven Jung Young Wm James Tolstoy Sanchez Asia.


Abraham Boulder


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