Work vs. Personal, the Upgrade© movie.

Electronic Smart AI chip that creates Brave New World for it’s man who then enjoys time with his dead wife until his own death.

His brain is usurped to fight the bad guys while he’s not even conscious during the battles.

The man first is retaliatory to the guys who killed his girlfriend. “Cyborg central”–the action is humorously intense and and the gore, Hollywood plentiful.

But the Smart AI called, STEM, develops it’s electronic brain independent of the user, who requires to use it as Smart AI tool only. Something that earlier, there were safeguards to prevent loss of control (“Do you give me permission to fight for you?”, says STEM).

The thing is, the ultimate villain is not the guy who invented this thing, but the electronic copy of the inventor, now on electronic steroids in the “roach” chip.

Like I said this STEM thing thinks it’s so smart that the piece of hardware thinks it is more important than a human life. And it plays “psychiatrist” by placing the man in delusion with his imagined dead wife, whereby the man doesn’t go through the grieving process and finally find a new girlfriend to love.

Instead, the panacea of electronic delusion reminiscent of opoid abuse in a Brave New World context is the man’s experience, and the battles are unconscious along with STEM whom happens to start cold-bloody murder, instead of keeping the option to fight for self-defense.

Consequent themes of slavery, delusional panacea, and extinction emerge.

Enter electronic delusion ad infinitum. And out- of-control Smart AI doing “murder central” to any conceivable real opponent imagined in the man’s “bigotry department” of his brain, and unconsciously murdered.

Abraham Boulder

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