Liberal rights promoted via political liberal and conservative philosophy

Constituent rights to fair treatment via equal rights based on gender, age, race, creed, any disability, color, honorable-discharge, religions, sport team advocated, car you drive, and underwear you wear–is evoked here and includes and insistence of people that a constituent’s rights not be infringed upon.

And that the armed forces of the United States obey the U.S. Constitution and not interfere with states’ rights of liberal political philosophy (the individual constituent) and conservative political philisophy (collective souls bear witness to the arrogance, mule-headed disregard for Civic and martial law).

Is it possible (I don’t really know) that the smart AI robot will enslave the human race and cause it’s extinction?  Is this the reason certain parties target people that promote the human race and support what science tells us, “Human bio-diversity in micro-segregated groups or neighborhoods give the best probability of surviving by the human race.”

Abraham Boulder

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