Here, there, and everywhere

Illustrious Dala lama speaks of universal conscious (universe gravity, 1 billion solar particles through you and the Earth in approximately the same one second. Such that the consciousness conceptually illustrates similar speeds from Earth consciousness pt.A on one side of the Earth, to flash conceptual focus, on locus pt.B on the other side of this exoplanet. (Close to entanglement conceptually except not mixing data from both loci).

Not the neurophysics of the brain, at least not Earthly physical, neuropsychology entailing neuronal activity on Earth in the brain are slower than–through–this exoplanet, and through you and I).

Idea quanta, precursor to subparticle physics via string theory in twist and turns, in the same manner that DNA serves biology, or organelles serve DNA.

Is a universe conceptual positioning entity drawn from teeming data on string theory, called idea quanta in movement form of string. The data from this movement introduces original, novel approaches to, say, the eye organ, from species that never had eyes before.

String movement is data driven for sharing data from other species at the physics level to influence and change organelles for DNA, and DNA for organic structures from one species to another. Macrobiometrics, a term developed from an original term used in Anatomy of Reality (towards the back of the book, titled “Present” and “Future Reality.” by Saks, the discoverer of the polio vaccine).

Abraham Boulder

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