Let’s look at a realistic future we can be connected to!

Relativism philosophically I believe is a cultural anthropologically stance that says of others, “I accept myself. You are different, so you are okay by being your own group, not mine.”

This is all said and good, except it opens the Pandora’s box.

That is to say, although this definition is true, and, given an action, it can be relative to other actions, done by way of comparison to one another, or to compare with additional actions in a value index, where positive 1 is faith-based or atheist true-north action, and negative 1 is nuclear winter.  Zero equals “no harm done” or “no positive (constructive) action taken.” Negative decimal values entail destructive action on this exoplanet determined by Earth sciences colleges of universities, and need compensating or remedial action of constructive effort.

It is possible to say by “categorical relativism” from some group supporting a future tense, (long term), that some act is “terrible” and “horrendous,” another is plainly “bad,” some other act would be genuinely “good”, and yet another, “Hobbesian great” becsuse “terribleness” is the defaulted human behavior (religiously, since “the fall”), and for there to be a future, we have to move away from horrendous acts, some bad, more good, and true north (true south, true east, true west)–greatness–that serve as a counterweight to our terrible proclivity by maximizing greed in continuous profit for the next 200 to 250 years!

Now someone is going to say, “okay, we’ll do it already, we’ll do it already!”

Well, we won’t. Because odds are really, even, when it comes to getting the job done. By default, we won’t do it, and we’ll find excuses not to do it.

Only when the odds are corrected, and fiduciary futures have greater odds in “completing the mission to exoplanet Earth,” i.e., we develop the behavioral science that gets us to ecoequilibrium–via greed and huge profits–not obscene profits (which undoubtedly would be hoarded), then behavioral science will have modified our behavior correctly.

Then we would have financial instruments with coupons for 20, 15, 10 and five-year periods with windfall redemption in 250 years.

When we feel connected to our future generations instead of just the moment, we will realize future moments and, greedily, keep continuous profit for overall, the most amount of profiting and pleasure spending capacity and realization!

Abraham Boulder

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