Aryan to Life, marked by death, but destined in conservative political philosophy and aggressive, private initiator (“my own”) in liberal political philosophy


Short telomered to legnthened good quality telomeres.

Affect to effect. Affect intelligence. Contemplative empiricism. Five senses – reality check. Spirit is an aspect of reason.

Therefore, affect intelligence is a feeling phenomena metaphysically with meaning, reasoned in spirit, centered on an aura reflection and self-identity. The self-identity dies. The affect reflection is grieved, marked by death. Enlighten: revitalizing by lengthened telomeres of good quality, as opposed to cancer growth.

Death is a hyperbolic shock, continuous. The past joins the present in relevance to a future tense, Destiny.

Fate meets Destiny, seeking Fate for all. Destiny shakes off the fragments of yesterday, and moves forward.

Develops wisdom intelligences garnered from the Netherlands in spirit, well worn and won, as starting point on travels post haste, deliberately pensive: measured by thumb (2 inches), outstretched hand (1 yard), and feet (2 feet: 12 inches x 2). Creating a level of fitness anf the fit, claiming confidence in your abilities, being self-confident in your estimation, and your talents; referencing the odds maker of real huge odds and return from fiduciary futures.

Standards remain: “do nothing.” Or, “it will get done.” No. No. No. No. No. No. Not awaiting, action done for destiny then, Yes.  Thomas Carlyle, spiritual mentor to Ralph Waldo Emerson, says yes! to well seated cement in masonry, building built to endure the season and the storms.

Aggression is key. To fight for life, is to battle death.

Know your fight. Fiduciary takes are essential for liberal economic movement of emerging markets, separate from “the Enrons,” leaving nothing for everyone.

Avoid bubble in green science, applied science and applied technology.

Success to continue destiny, and to make peace and be satisfied with the Reaper’s fated take.

Behold! Keynesian stimulation should not be thrown to the crowd.  Much better use, if you were, honorable President Trump to put the youth to work on a 9.0 eathquake zone (with a 8.0 earthquake a week or a week and a half after the 9.0.  Work entailing wood construction in housing in earthquake zone with the seal of Freemasony imprinted on the wood with a stamp, pounded by hammer.

Thor, of course, but Krauthammer will due for the seal.  Keeping private initiative and purpose alive.

Save many lives

Find your peace.

–Keven Jung Young Wm James Tolstoy Sanchez Asia


Abraham Boulder.

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