Try being correct

Correctness solves problems.

From right or left, big or small, right or wrong at any given point of time, good or bad, being terrible (being just awful!!), or doing great work, to do something and get it done correctly is to adjust to change and learn from the experience.

Spending time going from one polar extreme to the other, slapping bad with good and good with bad, when in actuality, any one of us could be at one extreme of bad or the other of good, and somewhere in between. It all goes to show you that “living life is fluid, not fixed.”

Keven Jung Young Wm James Tolstoy Sanchez Asia

Abraham Boulder

P.S. scope on laser rifle, takes time to harm. Attempt clean through me.

After then, converted bugsey irradiated placed on ceiling floor (Earthly gravity) and nanostructured viral of all sorts filtering via entanglement with microbiome fitting in slots on my person as domino slots start to look like canister trailers pulled by semi-truck.

The whole look on the ceiling floor (above) was like fitting the bug “canisters” on a minature, commercial vessel entering port, and the hauled by semi-truck.  The fit was snug, but there was no stacked going on.

Impressed that a bifurcation would lead to infestation and death.

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