Natural valid ontological wisdom intelligent, WQ, philosophy or “brains forward”

Einstein said that you can’t solve the problems in the “mind” you created them in, which has developed into acute retardation.

There must be a paradigm shift where you are willing to solve the problems divergently with WQ, wisdom intellegence (not “mere” idiocy, seriously applied.)

The mind has to let go to “out of your mind” higher order of a quantum paradigm shift in [universal] consciousness, which is greater than the synergy puzzles’ parts, Or terse and a synergeistic event with release of quantum historical tension.

Achieving by using your brains and letting your mind focus on priority lists connected to WQ.

Once we solve our key problems in our mindful journey or adventure via priority lists, we can rest the mind to take in the changes and relearn in this shift of paradigm “new mind.”

It’s basically meditating focused on “not me.” Then applying divergent brains to find the final answer units to “equations” with multiple solutions per unit. And then minding the revolution created.

Abraham Boulder

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