What if AI is used wisely

AI with quantum computing complexity will be spectacular.

With that kind of technology a homo sapiens sapiens brain could be stem cell brain developed to 21 years and can be healthy and with complex computer science, the electromagnetic brain maps of the old person will be imposed on the new somatic and germplasma brain cells and the dying brain will “breathe” new life and be the same person, not just the same DNA.

Abraham Boulder

Better than a robot or computer console.

This event stem cell development involving brain density develops via experience and brain maps are the epigrams of a person”s brain experience.

Education would have to be taught over to develop density and become a person. With fresh 21 year brain the epigrams have developed and the new brand has had zero experience whatsoever and is a full adult infant.

It’s development of density relies on the brain maps occuring from old brain experience and brain density development in the new brain becomes a person by electromagnetic transfer of experience development. Schooling education regimen and dogma will be absent, unless the schooling mentioned above occurs.

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