Let’s meet Jack Shit!

He spikes the stock exchange, going ever higher. And he will take you over the top and drop you off a cliff there, and He will lose everything too, not just him a loser his money gone, vanish, gone.

But since all of you lost big playing the market, instead of taking what you need while stock prices prove to be high and investing monthly sums to reach a new eight year cycle, starting with a 2-3 year recession and the highest price that existed before the recession returning in eight years while waiting for stock prices to go even higher over a two-year stretch, higher than ever before.

But Jack Shit will be left with holding an empty bag with all those 100’s stock gamers that joined him over the cliff.

Talk will be what fun times were had, and that we took it to its highest possible point, and you nearly drew revenue at that peak. That you all nearly made it, but 100’s of investors took the fall. And Jack Shit along with them. What a guy! What fun.

But when everybody says their “goodbyes” and Jack, or Mr. Shit as some people call him, goes home to his elaborate house complex, he takes a call from a familiar voice that reassures him his six or seven figure windfall is being transferred to his account as he speaks for taking the large group over the top and then dropping them like a rock over the proverbial cliff.

Jack proving that spiking stock prices and always staying in, ends in six or seven figures and “you, Jack are the only one that can do this. What a guy!”

It ends with such a large figure because those who lost their shirt stayed too long in, which allowed other investors to maximize price but redeeming stock at a more realistic maximum profit, more conservative in price (lower).

Bear markets as they’re called can make big windfalls because they don’t overplay the market, and they can award a consulting fee to someone like Jack who speculates over the cliff of too high a price then takes it’s fall, but not until after the bear market players take their price of redemption at maximimum revenue, and at a lower demarcated price

The payback Jack receives for his consulting fee is, as said, six or seven figures and leaves 100’s if not thousands or 100 thousands penniless.

Jack, after all is good, you can feel his goodness, he being a heroin junkey, and fun, yes fun. But isn’t it funny how his fun is always at another person’s expense. Like he takes his fun everytime someone comes up with a migraine. Big, aching migraine! Big, swell, kinda guy

Abraham Boulder

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