Pick your fight

To battle the Yellow or Black man. Outdated.

Needs to take a back seat. Instead of disliking a different face, take a good luck at yours, and shave it.

Battle ready and on (on our computers):
(-) Against extinction.
(-) Enacted Post-Straussian, post-Modern laws enforcing slavery.
(+) Human Power transfer not essential to singularity of AI quantum computers.

(+) Keep your self-esteem and self-worth when AI console or AI roboperson blurts out fancy talk.

(+) Always be aware that their AI yak-yak-yak only means humans must give commands and control computers designed for function only and have only command programs to only complete those specific functions they are assigned.

(-) To enslave and destroy human capacity to think! (That would be AI virus, AI malware that requires AI firewall, AI anti-virus, and AI anti-malware.)

(+) We seek effective human leadership that concentrates on WQ, wisdom intelligence. Not forgetting positive values in humans, or SQ, spiritual intelligence (or, values and meaning in human lives).

(+) EQ, emotional intelligence in coherent clarity to easily define and communicate how we feel constructively with AI on board human existence.

(+) IQ, expert advice from academics training in check by (+) WQ, wisdom intelligence that obtains the knowledge of when to use academics and other references correctly to the historical moment unfolding. The latter intelligence becomes the more important because it involves good judgement.(+)(+)(+)

Abraham Boulder.

The Boulder Law. The brain functions as the central nervous system of the human organism. These advanced computer systems must maintain the centrality of the human species to adapt to information provided in language understandable to the human species, and with full human control via human commands of these “remote faculties” of computer AI, in or out of homo sapiens sapiens cerebrum.”

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