Thus, what leads us on?! Terminus Ad Quem.

Are we led by 60% human DNA destiny expanding constructive neurochemical thought (IQ), heart (EQ, and affective intelligemce), values & meaning (SQ, spiritual intelligence), and intelligence-grabbing wisdom (WQ),


40% viral DNA restricting or restraining intelligence or anti-matter philosophy, destruction of existence and eternal afterlife, fate; possibly arriving virus through entanglement from another part of this universe, or other multiverse?

Abraham Boulder.

Definition of Terminus Ad Quem by Merriam-Webster©

1: a goal, object, or course of action : destination, purpose

2: a final limiting point in time


*We begin with plumbing, possibly, and always paid for aluminum plumbing, toilets, and waste treatment builings.

-Keven Young

Idea quanta are the twists and turns of string theory. Idea quanta are the animating principle. The initial idea is evolving order.

-Abraham Boulder

“Enlightenment Now” by Pinker

“Ultimate purpose of life, mind, and human striving:

to deploy energy and knowledge to fight back the tide of entropy and carve out refuges of beneficial order.”


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