Take a moment of silence for, your progeney, and Destiny!

The quote says, “thrice grounded,” but we are to experience 9.0 & 8.0, 8.0 &:7.0 (coupled earthquakes a week or a week and half later and one Richter scale number down from original 9.0 Pacific Northwest or 8.0 Seattle quake); hence four times grounded like the dollar bill pyramid.

Each four vantage points see a different perspective of what we envision True north, True south, True east, True west would divergently answer the question how to build, ground-up a new world civilization and world societies and local nature sovreignties

The light.in the darkness to see what exists in dark matter and to know it is science and not some witches tit.

Globally to see the Universal Ceiling of sanity from different vantage regions of this exoplanet correspondingly with other sister universe areas, different for all Earth vantage points, respectively.

Connecting us to all points in the universe like tie-downs of the Big Top of the Barnum N’ Bailey circus. In that great movie that actually could have won itself 10 Oscars if “fair at” was applied.

Enjoy your time off!

Abraham Boulder. –Keven.

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