Children argue environmental, I argue the destruction of the United States government and the People, as well the American people is an act of sedition. Unconstitutional law. Genocide is Unnatural law. Environmental Science must prevail. Pure genocide of the government is unconstitutional.

Abraham Boulder Revelation of our capabilities. Revolutionary action in time with actual deadlines. Wide enough window to correct errors on the fly..

Produce results as they happen at website expression of up-to-the-minute global coverage of the significant projects and their deadlines on a timetable scheduled for relevant to-do’s from around the world, and their percentage of completion at given moments of time at a public website on the internet for all to witness.

Inspector Generals, capable of changing direction with staff that helps this office with quick turn-arounds and gets better, accurate results in errors of judgement and implementation of corrections.

Get ‘er done! So much to do scientifically that, essentially, sociologically, doing-getting-done is is by definition, a “revolution.” So much to do. Must be now! Onwards! With revolution. So it occurs, yeah!


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