Tree of Life in the face of death. Goodie good shit not meaning to ever be good.

Good paltry, anyway. Seems Hobbesian greatness is the way.

Any other way entails stench and stink. Cuss words of ignorant bastards don’t have the sense to give you the time of day.

Listening to morons kept by corporate law firms to be his honey.

No brains, just “can do” and “don’t care.”

Well this is less a complaint and more of a wake-up call.

Complacency when all was fine and dandy has turned to be stupid and stupider still.

Let’s isolate Enrons taking it all from emergent market businesses needing to avoid a Fall at the very starting gate when the dust clears from the recession, or goddam depression we’ve gone ahead and got ourselves into.

Marshall Plan II is not favored especially G200 so let’s see this private sector do what government can or was not meant to do.

Let’s use Max Planck quote to use whereby the old wait for new brains and new ticker, and the rest of us trade with material that barters as currency. The same way Adam Smith described it in human trade economics.

He didn’t invent an economy he just saw what was there from ongoing human trade.

Well when push come to shove and it’s no longer legal to trade. Well let’s shake hands and do trade anyway!

Abraham “Keven” Boulder

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