Defense Department enlightenment–position idea quantum from universal consciousness

Is there fate that opens inroads to destiny?

Is it from not, Aryan, to convince Defense department that Death is not everything, evermore–that Life is everlasting that it isn’t human; it’s greater than our species, obviously, and we support the destiny of the universe that idea quanta intelligence, ripples of string theory reflecting string theory pond, the theory took 2 billion years to cross simple organism to complex, and Jesus didn’t come to make life so simple again, that is reverse the process.

That the hosts of the God of Hosts may be civilizations in the universe as less intense technological developers; still their more mature affect intelligemce “feelings,” welcome us to a shared status of the universe and a breather from technology development, and a maturing affectiveness to “steady our own hand, our own thinking,” and for us to save ourselves, our species, from extinction.

What started around 1950, will run for a thousand more!

Abraham Boulder. –Keven.

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