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Sucker’s Bet

Put the money in their account whereby they are the ones’ with access to the money, not anyone else.

Please inspect correctly


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Alliance and moral support for the terrible achieving great things (not terrible things).

Fate of human species destined for a thousand-year run with Jesus as Lord Savior for Christians and the predestined damn. A supermarket of denominations making heaven for the Christian earnest.

Question the belief, “Jesus supports human terribleness with the power of his saving grace, but utter terribleness and horrible actions being intentionally made!?” Such homeade terribleness like gaslighting seems to overdoing saving grace?!”

Evret of the Evretim post-end-of-days, knowing a Jew adjusts to history.

Jew, his or her heritage, moves on in history–Jew his heritage is only to better answer the question of “who are you” in four hundred years in history from now.

Fight the fated to extinction of the ancient Greek toga scholar and Tibetan book of the dead whereby eternity is met with deified happiness of the deified insanity saliency of dead consciousness

As Evret of the Evretim sanity beloved along with active Tree of Life (tree of family) living, yield human variety in groups destined to live a thousand more generations. And to learn his and her new identity’s name in coming centuries. (Not Jew.)

Battle correctly as history unfolds to fight enslavement to a quantum computer that holds myriad functions and for humans to keep fundamental and essential command.

A corollary here is homo sapiens sapiens keeping his existing brain while assisted with human command of the AI smart computer and while cerebellum adjusts in bioengineering to the exoplanet and the rest of the universe.

Abraham Boulder, “forth right (or correct), on and on.”

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Self-destruct warrior and their effort to destroy the human species

Human extreme aggressor relies on the 40% viral DNA solely. Duality of 2 dimensions: Earth gravity and quantum universe gravity entails a viral colony constitution primarily in between these two dimensions and does not emphasize the person’s physical body much at all.

The viral colony presence is primary and human body secondary in the extreme aggressors’ physical self.

Envisioned: faded physical human body and viiral black cloud: around the perimeter of black cloud curving above head and perimeter of black cloud curving at waist line to encompass all vital organs viral colony.

The viral nature is aggression, or extreme aggression with anti-matter drive where matter is the human species creature.

Abraham Boulder

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Christianize or else=where world religions act in accordance on human historical events

Computer with “evolving” succession from Man in vainglory to show that man was a mere pawn to the machine first controlled turned on in China (machine=supercomputers possibly quantumcomputer). At least: excruciating business.

Starting to turn on in the United States. We need voices heard that say and act on the idea that this equipment, these technologies are subservient to mankind (humankind), are resplendent in functions, but never command humankind in any form or matter.

Such a principle of supercomputer abuse belongs in the realm, instead, of traffic-flow missions to manage and avoid traffic jams; but, under no circumstances “think for you” versus being helpful, an assistant to various functions you require.

Human command, human control, humans having the “upper hand” is essential, is crucial, it is in fact critical, to our needs.

Never lose this fundamental fact. Neither in day-to-day work and pleasure, nor in history.  Have an exit.  No “Gahndi.”

Abraham Boulder

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AI’s come on.

Wanted to tie my shoes, wouldn’t let me. Sneezed, snot exiting my nose, wouldn’t let me blow my nose.

Acoustic speakers getting louder,, says the volume got to go up, up.

Ears aching in ways rock music never caused, listening to country still sounds good.

I got a pain, I can”t describe. Personality changing, don’t know why.

–Keven Jung Young

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Hey! Get it together. Be a Maverick. Make billions.

Death and the Fall manicured with sand painting.

Oktoberfest coming, don’t need the hassles of irradiation via elemental radiation. Frontal small intestine played down via microbiome.

For a ridiculous over-exercised rearing for continual retreat and all-hopes of failures in BrainThink.

It seems all we can do is move forward walk into walls.

America 1st in trade, okay. But let’s not forget the other nations, trading partners.

Including aluminum hydrant systems, toilets that are efficient and effective, waste treatment with large glass windows, outside, and inside also.

Expect billions U.S. dollars profit. Liberal economics is ineffective if s Maverick doesn’t appear to do the work, and grab the billions of U.S. dollars. In revenue stream.

Keeping costs down, high-volume for 4 billion+ people.. Environmental scientists with knowledge of terrestrial ecology and marine life (or it’s bio-emgineered species) requested to work with sewage treatment person).

Work and reward. Yes!✓✓✓

Clean water to drink, cook with, so fecal matter, and urine are not ingested from daily meals.

Abraham Boulder

–Keven Jung Young.

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Meet Dead AI vs. Thomas Paine

Computer programming several individual’s personality aura to become hosts to the populations’ near death experience in the hopes of busying up after-life static. A manifestation of manipulation of spirit to keep after-life busy with computer program until 50,000 years later eternity is silent. Spirits are mute.

Modern totalitarian administration manipulation of spirit. Eternity gone.

(high hopes)

What is interesting is that what is happening on the ground, not six feet down.

People’s personal inner space may yet be challenged by the totalitarian state.

The languistic supercomputers are focusing on “personality” of PCB and Wig-Wam in an attempt to gorge the common unconscious with seemingly endless bouts of idiosyncratic personalities’ idiocy to purposely manifest at near death, child-like bed-side an obliteration of the personal unconscious which, itself, manifests consciously (less subconscious at the end of life, intuitively; much more whole consciousness at the end of life), demanding private family audience only, and needing family obligation to settle your problems with yourself and embrace tenets of liberal philosophy (own me) save the private initiative for generations’ peaceful, private death and an unemcumbered sphere of influence in adult life striving for the 9/10th failures in the usual business to eke out a living, sanely, and with philosophical “space”–a tenet of moral fortitude and collaboration. An element of peace.

DeadAI static in after-life will try to end eternity.

–Keven Young.

Abraham Boulder

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