How to fight with a F-35

We have the normal five senses to handle this plane.

But there is more to handling it “than meets the eye” or the other four senses for that matter.

So the other dimension is feeling your way in quantum physics with meta-normal feelings.

What is “out there” is in your heart (or not), and, consequently in the core of your brain stem: at the lymbic system: the fight, or flee of 2 million year old endoskeletal, warm-blooded, milk breasts, and young inside of evolving homo sapiens sapiens mammals to homo sapiens sapiens sapiens.

Considered by some to have been created from the biogenetic evolution of these mammals and ordained with sacred cerebrum of homo sapiens sapiens to continued, physical evolution of our cerebrum using in the evolutionary process: Human Command with tools like AI quantum computing and bioengineering adapting our cerebellum to better cope with an exoplanet that acts more and more like the laws or principals of the universe and with fusion power: the stars of the billions of galaxies with singularity constructive mojo of meta-normal stemming from Creator God, Our Father who art in the Heavens and “we too will go.” And this exoplanet behaving less like the “Garden of Eden,” but perhaps enough kept alive for biogenetics engineering.

You can’t fight a war with no purpose or mission. At least not with the sensitivity of these jet fighters.

Figuring that action occurs in 85 percent unconsciousness it’s probable that most of the universe fits the pattern of 85 percent, universe dark matter exposure=85 percent private, personal unconscious also, including the commons (of unconsciousness).

Now in quantum space, there is matter and anti-matter. Also included is “intent.” Whereby we can expect to get what we’re wishing for if the follow through matches the closely kept intent.

If you are fighting a war with the intent of “blowing everything up” in the age of globalization, you cannot converge the metanormal to singularity of the “Creator” because your fight is not restrained and restricted so as to not interfere with private R&D scientists and innovators promoting homo sapiens sapiens sapiens Destiny. Otherwise, your intent is simply to blow everything up en masse.

In this case, one meta-normal spirit focuses on “destroying everything” (anti-mass drive) and the other introduces “intimacy with the universe,” (bringing us to the Father, Creator, God of the universe) meta-normal singular focus praying for constructive aim, constructive achievement, constructive, effective conclusions on real dead-lines.

The difference in intent, purpose, mission and results are the difference of an organisms anabolic system versus it’s catabolic system. That Jesus has been “matter,” and you don’t blow him up nor the likes of those whose Earth experience is a one-time affair for each destined generation, eternally. God bless those seeking Your help and steer those seeking trouble to come on down and see that a fight doesn’t have to be between five global “faces” with possibly, compromised brain capacity because the gene pool diminished went way down

Abraham Boulder

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