Preamble considered.


“we hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal and they are endowed by their the Creator of certain inalienable rights [or fundamental rights of constituents that include the rights of] Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness [in accordance with civil law.]

-From the very beginning of Declaration of Independence.

What are truths? They are complete ideas, perhaps idea quanta in the universe’s quantum field of string (as in, string theory): twists and turns having “cause” (energy applied) and “direction” leading to “waves of grain” and “effect” or results of ideas which we call “freedom,” “peace,” and at times, “war.”

Ideas manifesting direction of matter in the universe, by definition, by causal events of energy and matter are “Creator endowed” phenomena because they are in His universe. This is metanormal causal information in the universe.

And sense separate from physical five senses of human on Earth whom also are taken very seriously (“of gravity,” or “of graveness,” “of great fortune,” or Providence “providing” favorable outcomes from competition and prudence, and ecosanity.) Prosperity and jobs at a time when Human Command physically evolves from sacred cerrebellum and lymbic system applying AI quantum fusion tool to physically evolve to homo sapiens sapiens sapiens.

This latter defining of physical five senses and causal events of exoplanet success.

This occurs while Earthly physical evolution of human command and AI quantum fusion tool is dynamically applied in our human creature’s favor of evolutionary advantage.

And bioengineering adjusts our bodies and cerebellum to this exoplanet’s universal laws as we control parts of the Earth’s bioecology to keep it within parameters suitable for habitation, rather than creating a “Mars” of Earth.

I Abraham Boulder pursue my inalienable right to seek happiness by the proclaimed right to Life and Liberty fundamental to constituencies of limited state governments (both Central and Washington State) within the limited restrictions of my civil rights.

No government has the right to my Life, to destroy my constituency and my right to equal treatment of my rights under established law.

These inalienable rights, endowed by the Creator include Liberty from government under the 1st Amendment of the Bill of Rights for Creator agency (be it the health I receive from healthy spirituality personally and privately received from the Ruler of the Universe, good Almighty God, or the Source, or Origin, for me, the Only One God) separate from government and any responsibities that I need to fulfill to completion as prescribed by law.


Abraham Boulder

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