Humans living having priority over the economic value of robotics used in noncritical roles.

The species, homo sapiens sapiens has to have a default economic value at a price on his or her head as an asset greater than a common-role robot but less than robots utilized in critical functions.

Economists say there already exists a market price, but I think politics needs to determine an adjusting price in order to value humans above most robots except the critically utilization bodybots in this market-driven economy and political structure.

Let us not value the robot at a price greater than general human existence, because that would lead to human annihilation.

This is presuming we can save homo sapiens, homo sapiens sapiens, and physically evolve to homo sapiens sapiens sapiens.

Physical evolution occurs in the sacred cerebrum and lymbic system to homo sapiens sapiens sapiens through human command of AI quantum fusion, and human command of bioengineering altering cerebellum and the body as needed.

Evolution dictates that further evolving outside of culture (e.g., pathogens) will eliminate fated populations that conceivably entail any or all species types of homo sapiens, homo sapiens sapiens, and homo sapiens sapiens.

Repopulation will require symbiotic relationships discovered between human species by the knowledge that diversity has key elements in evolution and destiny for generations of humans to come.

Abraham Boulder

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