See below. When freedom reigns–what are we being free of.

“There ia brokenness Out of which comes the unbroken, A shatteredness out of which blooms the unshatterable. There is a sorrow Beyond all grief which leads to joy And a fragility Out of which depth emerges strength. There is a hollow space Too vast for words Through which we pass with each loss, Out of whose darkness we are sanctified [light] into being. There is a cry deeper than all sound Whose serrated edges cut the heart As we break open To the place inside [that] is unbreakable And whole, while learning to sing,”

-Unknown author to me.




cultural exchange

Russian ballet


Ànswering the call for dark metaphysics, whereby the state comes to the conclusion that the crisis in democracy is solved in a manner utilizing the Gotlieb maneuver, i.e., eradicate, eliminate, annihilate the individual in community and society by keeping them alive, but destroying their “person” ID constitutionally, wasting the person, giving them a nightmare hangover of suppression, depression, oppression, severe reduction existential reality, while providing acute and full torture with “look Ma, no hands” dynamics.

You don’t have the power to solve your own problems and knowledge is severely restricted.

“Non win”. Now you know what you want “to be free of” when you want freedom. Now you know what people risk their lives for. Now you know the “good war” instead of the “greedy war.”

Let Providence prove profitable to all. But never give up the war.

What is the call of dark metaphysics? The call comes from “Crisis in Democracy” explains the ignorance and therefore the disregarding of Neurohermeneutics which is to say metaphysics or metanormal experience.

Fair judgment is in consciousness which is inetaphysics and responsible values and consequential decisions needs to be applied in metaphysics for judgment to be sound and the world of humans to continue. That would end the crisis in democracy.

Supermarket choices between what is actually good, bad, terrible, or great is defined by emotional intelligence giving us the feel of what truly is worth, and what is of no use, or even abusive.

Abraham Boulder

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