Well now. Waldo has been substituted by AI. Let’s see where shall we put it?

The people, the nation, the country. The machine.

Let’s see. We have pride. Can’t go to the nation. Can’t go to the country, if we will, can’t go in the country.

Can’t be in the people. Government got that.

So where the hell do we put it? We put in the machine.

Let’s see. What do we do with our intelligence? We give it to the machine?

What do we do with our spirit? Well, they put Jesus in the state and then outlawed souls!

What about fighting for our species: homo sapiens, homo sapiens sapiens, and homo sapiens sapiens sapiens–all.

Well, ask the machine. I’m sure at first, it will be respectful and kind and courteous.

After all it will help us, or in human applied intelligence, it will help itself.

Vice, a definite part of nature. I’m sure it’s arrogance can be as great as ours, or worse.

How ’bout some competition?

Team homo sapiens, and team homo sapiens sapiens using the machine instead of Be-ing Ex Machina. Using AI quantum fusion Tool.

Permitting physical evolution with our apposable thumbs, instead of ideation, tripping up ourselves and then reinventing ourselves. The cerebrum’s and lymbic system’s sacredness with physical evolution of these brain-sectors, and we dare say, our hearts!

Reinventing human is destroying our species by cornball antics that continue our crisis in democracy against our very human JudeoChristian bioethical stamina.

You don’t throw human out!.

You fight and win. And if you can’t do it yourself, make it your world. Start applauding those who do fight for our very lives.

In the system we can put on the voter’s ballot to extend voting another 3 months for exclusively those fighting for human lives. These are the Republicans that need Democratic votes who will fight for our species and a future that revitalizes the meaning of Destiny. Ex Humana.

Abraham Boulder.

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