The Terrible Inhibitor

Abregation of my civil rights is a misconstrued status of my constituency,

I did not lose my constitutional rights, they’ve been altered but not to the extent of lack of fair treatment to me, going forward.

Equal rights for senior citizen. Equal rights for speech in public. Equal rights to be free of constitutional governments limited in power, while I meet my obligations, I am free. Equal to all for obtaining an honorable discharge. Space restrictions, the fifty states. Equal to the innocent. Equal for life, liberty, and property (Amendment 14). Amendment 1.

The state shall not procure harm or damage to me while I fulfill the remaining obligations.

Freedom, so easily lost, needs a recounting to determine if we have the wherewithal to stand the heat in the kitchen in the next decade. Some do not know what it means, “to not be free.* “Free of what?” What is the hideous assignment that we do not comprehend?

Existential philosophy annihilated.


State meddling in spirit matters. Has desire to rewrite religion for government official winners and general population losers, although Jesus, if he came, came for the oppressed, then those who enjoy luxury.

Abraham Boulder

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