Not too soon.

The Modern left life philosophy for death focus, searching for meaning in bureaucratic terms, such as “total annihilation, total obliteration” which have become favored lingo of double speak. (As if something of this nature is “good for us.”)

Speaking less of security concerns and favoring a cornucopea of critical mass radiation, as though radiation burns, skin disorders, genetic mutations are a “God sent.”

God may appear a ruffian at times but His love for His creations and His dismissal of “catastrophic euphoria” represented in the Rainbow covenant, that He will not kill human creatures, leaves us first with the Modern notion of “God is dead” which later filters to “I am the God” (in responsibity and maladjusted to Divine neurological behavioral science that needs adjustment).

The 12-step program of Alcoholics Anonymous or Substance Abuse Anonymous is a strictly self-evident approach when modern egos need to deflate from human accomplishments and halt the Death Wish for human extinction.

To do what we cannot do alone is a abstinence program to create a relationship with something greater than ourselves with vital life force energy (Qi) that prevails over our cunning, and “too bright” faculties of intellect. Marrying emotional intelligence with values of worth (SQ= spiritual intelligence keen from spiritual odysseys in the strivings of everyday life).

And the Wisdom Intelligence (WQ) of any applied intelligence. Stating “Enough is Enough. Halt Proceedings. Look for other avenues for answers converging on solutions with many answers to satisfy the working mental exercise of generations to come on Destiny by divergent thinking.

This includes, “thinking outside the box.” And we are “out of our minds” (on this problem) simply because we cannot solve the problem in the mentality that we created it. The thinking has to shift. Literally a paradigm shift. Enter beyond post-modern era, post-Enlightenment (from Straussian lies and plague mongerers).

Welcome to 21st Century where brainstorming accepts all input except efforts to halt brainstorming. Enter job creations. Enter new applied technologies

Enter the human race physically evolving to homo sapiens sapiens sapiens of sacred lymbic system, cerebrum and heart.

Homo sapiens and homo sapiens sapiens take second and third and can collaborate between humans and the AI tools adjusted to the level of excellence of human command.

Abraham Boulder

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