Political field is not anywhere near even! America denying it’s brethren!

I have “alphabet soup” Intel on me in an environment where 100-bed and 200-bed psychiatric facilities owned by China in Tacoma and in many locations in the United States can manage extraction of persons from American society because the person took initiative of handling political risk that involved economic opportunity but the current law applications got corrupted and has circumscribed civil order and in cooperative governments like Washington State, the oppressed worker sought can-do rights that even President Trump made Visas available for a “lottery of opportunity.”

Rogue Intel workers side with the psychiatric facilities to pressure members of society, i.e., populations within the American borders and constituents on business or pleasure beyond U.S. borders, find that a double think in King County and Pierce County is developing with regards what a person thinks they should do forthrightly in day-to-day actions and what they may actually need to postpone to keep clear of such facilities that hold a narrow view of workers applying initiative for shelter, food, medicine, rest & relaxation, and transportation and out of necessity, winning in a capitalist economy.

Kudos to China to recognize the very strong need for psychiatric hospitals. What is of concern for me and others who help by taking progressive steps in politics, economics, and local history–that is–acting practically to avoid local and national socioeconomic stagnation.

Rumors go around that China persons in these Chinese facilities have been murdered, possibly tortured. One white person also allegedly faced such prospects.

While these rumors are alleged acts of violence and alleged acts of torture, these facilities can look unfortunately locally for impetus from the community.

Pacific Lutheran University is discussed, with claims that PLU allegedly doesn’t teach “Jesus” subjects or most pupils do not take these college courses. And the theme of credited courses is Lucifer exclusively.

This leaves open attitude-taking that focuses on dark nature and pragmatically, worst-care medical practices instead of best-care medical practices from employees or interns from PLU students working at these Tacoma mental health hospitals.

China as totalitarian regime can by it’s communist party “really turn on the juice” when word is: “go political!”

Educated workers can be schooled to provide “indecent care.”

Many American-owned mental health institutions have failed to comply with the city, county, state and national laws defining “proper care.”

Under all circumstances, we can do better and we must allow ourselves the opportunity to see this reality in fruition.

Abraham Boulder

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