What, neurohermeneutics

University of Edinburgh is welcoming departmental philosophers from various academic institutes, philosophical circles.

They will have competition.

The 100- and 200-bed psychiatric facilities (behavioral hospitals) in Tacoma are taking in “students” of their own.

Called “patients” although at the high-risk of hyperbole for this label, patients adorn the hallways under psychiatric programs rivaling Ph.D programs like the one at University of Edinborough (but more certainly, the University of Washington–where you can get a B.A. in philosophy, economics, and politics, and have only studied communist approaches to collegiate studies. No subject variant. The demise of liberal arts education and institutions of higher learning, apparently.)

Now what about “students” at the psychiatric hospitals?

First course would be Pain Management 401, rapidly descending to exploit pain intelligence with “look Ma, no hands” and make undoubtedly clear that “Dorothy is no longer, Kansas” (unless China, I e., Communist Party owns property in Kansas).

This torturous milieu “manufactured” as applied sociological “infrastructure” of controlling severe affective intelligent stressors produced in a “total the SUV and the person, or patient, in it” (except the stressors of depression, oppression, and rejection are crumpling your confidence, your generation-long complicity to nothing (end results), your acute bafflement, and, at the end of day, “oh-oh” self-realization of error in the type of institution we have licensed as a “psychiatric facility.” Madness encapsulated into pill form to give to each patient to swallow whole. Liberal ideology creedo, “Viva la difference” gets crushed by Khrushchev’s shoe.

Abraham Boulder

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