Can’t he get it? Take a long vacation.

Warlock. Four n-explosions in Northland Asia.

One n-explosions in North Central, cap removed to expose fart?

Nazi “Gotlieb maneuvers” in and out of the outfit, centering on scrotum to supply fiflth in little known microtubes or piapet directing filthy substances but nano-sized to go through holes in ceiling with no floorboards present.

Recruited to have no brain or heart executing function (very low-level). DNA commanded of viral machine and mud slime whose is collosally filthy, dirt, sewer rats not withstanding: personality salient in Nazi disorder whereby a persona would be normal Neurohermeneutics saliency.

The filth of a nation. Fill-up and M© egg noodles.

Imbecilic. Moronic. Stupid.

Very dumb.

Someone went to love canal. Met a mouse turned rat and disemboweled himself for the canal.


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