Too much kill.

So they cut out identity from brain resulting in no brain physiology.

And the same physiology for the heart.

What they attempt is to cancel a person, then put state material.

So no heart, no brain physiology–no “ownership.”

Then they put in a “smart box.” It will really be a dumb box because the applied technology is not that advanced yet. So the box needs to be stupider than the practioner, they figure.

They work with this physiology no-brainer, no-heart with a dumb box electronically and they program it for filth.

Sex with the dead, sex with sex addicts, no showers, no sleep, eating poorly.

So what comes of this.

The Thing is very aggressive and filthy.

So what does it become?

Mud slime. The whole organism becomes mud slime. One cell mechanism. The smart box is artificial and even if they tell it to be aggressive this, or aggressive that. The person is a single cell mud slime with multiple nuclei that prod aggressively with no brains or a heart to do anything right.

The results of behavior entail prodding orifices for decayed matter with no physiological brain, or physiological heart to speak of.

Only a huge personality style from the dumb box because they thought to counter spirit and neurohermeneutics with an effusing personality “nightmare ebullient salesman” that is okayed by Psychology Today that should really only be a personna immaterially. Their intentions schema–sketchy at best to not bludgeon the public with “incarnate dogma of government or private personnel”

Lack of education, overly aggressive, filthy to the max. And Gottlieb syndrome yields a decaying, no brainer, no heart, overly aggressive personnel of alphabet soup killing those out of sophisticated chi that is no comparison for “chang:” Not just chi’s vital force of the dead, but of chanf”s living and creative force as vital force.

Clearly, I am superior. Clearly they want to end my life.

Human brains resorting to snake and mouse thinking and mud slime. Not using human brains on human matters. Finding constituents expendable when they are very much needed.

Trying to establish a precedent of “expendables” from American constituents within American borders. Seeking mind control and control of biology.

We have freedom. Free for persons to have life, liberty and property. Section 1. Amendment 14. U.S Constitution.

Keven Jung Young Wm. James Tolstoy

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