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Principled in Gottlieb syndrome, identity government services may think to eradicate the person’s identity and invent a smart box full of new personality and habits.

While habit formation and cosmetic surgery can go a long way to eliminate a person’s past, “eliminating the person by neurosurgery” is eradication of the actual person and requires the engineering of modifiers to the “neuro-essence of the person” to keep the person outlined with flags, and not “throw out the baby with the bathwash.”

More specifically, the destruction and eradication of brain mass that is crucial for the self-identity of a person cannot be “swiped clean” by it’s elimination; or, you will wipe out the “life of the person.”

Physiologically, general brain mass coupled with remainder body mass both attached to a smart box for personality directive and nonspecific and specific identifiers has the problem of no Human life and biologically acts as mud slime lacking “brains and ardor” with many nuclei posing aggressive thrusts for waste food or decaying matter instead of real, nutritious food for scientific nutrition and healthy living (such as, gradients to telomere growth, noncancer causing) that revolutionizes health while we control AI tool with Human Command

By eliminating the Human in body and brain mass, you have indirectly created a subhuman species interested in human desecration and totaling the Human to nothingness.

Further, my creative force for global society is malaligned, misused by mud slime directors and agents to make the cause of [belly[ infestation and contagion manifest for annihilation efforts against the human race. Enter Gilgamesh in spirit.

What is totally unacceptable is the way agents and director find constituents expendable BeCause they (the constituents) are upholders of the backbone of our society, U.S. Constitution and respective governments of the fifty (now 51? Samoa) states of the union. Also that they are mistakenly and criminally expended within the borders of the United States.

Abraham Boulder

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