Where is our conc. focus?

The latest Gottlieb maneuver: jet propulsion with fans

Cognitive dissonance: childhood experience with “Sound of Music,” and elder experience of same, all the while PCB multiples send thin missiles through my head to the tune of “Adelweiss”

I feel this Nazi, Soviet axis is a formulation of identifying the historical alliance beteeen persons of the generations of Prime Minister Bismark and Prussia of secret alliance along with secret prisons in the jurisdiction of United States of America. I think M♤ wants mind control and body overpowering for state torture and state murder of U.S. constituents, using my torture, my enslavement with Gottlieb syndrome “ringing in their ears”–my death, as precedent set dead against U.S. constituents living their freely formed lives from government interference of constructive capitalism. Leaving behind Enrons and futures proclaiming doom to cashin their unlikely win of “doing nothing–and getting paid for it.”

Gottlieb worked to
“destroy integrity and make indiscreet the most dependable individual.”

Vs. Consider an alternative

Mental clarity and concentrated focus
?Where is conc. focus?

Do we exit the scene? Answer: the exoplanet is our playground and work place.

Shall we play, after we pray. Shall we deal with the fact that German, Russian, Japanese in Mongolia, and now, I guess President Assad’s chemists are upmost interest to the Department of Defense “to clear the air” sort of speak.

We seem to take the scientists of our enemies as a “rush of importance” to do us all in ahead of schedule, when final analysis dictates we make allowance for concerted effort to solve our global problems, and mass murder left as acts of desperation that do not belong in the legions of private sector initiatives and innovation, healthy competition, and the achievements of literal dead-lines for the next 8-10 years.

The Enrons will leave the arena. And futures, to get paid will claim “all is lost;” when “all has just begun.”

Perhaps Davos will stop talking possibilities and invent determined actualities.

Perhaps less cognitive statements and more “moving the cheese.”

The futures investment is “getting no return for investing in no work.” You must invest in a future for there to be an actual return on investment. There has to be a futures for a future payout.

Those who invest in nothing will always be defaulted to getting nothing because the banks will simply close their doors and payout absolutely nothing. If you want a return in the future, make sound investments for a future. As the book says, “We are always near the end.” Gamble on a future, it’s always a gamble.

That’s actually “calculated, financial risk for a return on investment” for continuing a future. Instead of just laying down and dying.

Take a chance of a future for living a destiny of continued human generations. Calculated risk involving exact work we need done correctly, yields a profit margin, if we avoid “dot.com” bubbles.

Abraham Boulder

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