Make dreams alive.

The futures investment is “getting no return for investing in no work.” You must invest in a future for there to be an actual return on investment. There has to be a futures for a future payout.

Those who invest in nothing will always be defaulted to getting nothing because the banks will simply close their doors and payout absolutely nothing. If you want a return in the future, make sound investments for a future. As the book says, “We are always near the end.” Gamble on a future, it’s always a gamble.

That’s actually “calculated, financial risk for a return on investment” for continuing a future. Instead of just laying down and dying.

Take a chance of a future for living a destiny of continued human generations. Calculated risk involving exact work we need done correctly, yields a profit margin, if we avoid “” bubbles.

Do what it takes to make profit. There is no other way to success.

Abraham Boulder

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