Fighting force

Fighting force seasoned.

In the field.  Wiping out enemy left and right “with bombs bursting in air.”

Wins battles.

Only, the robotic fighting force doesn”t turn off.

Mission: to destroy everything.

So, winning is euphoric but now it’s dying time.

What was a winning high is eclipsed by death at your door, your bedroom, and your kitchen tables.

All for the ostriches that call this “winning.” Mission:  “Death to all.”

Good-bye and good riddance.

Not a “peep” was made.

Fighting fellow humans for some demented economics that gives greater economic value to robots.

Use them in hazardous and dangerous conditions, or not.

Use in the menial jobs, or not

But leave us to apply our brains for strong mental and emotional faculties to retain employment that is challenging and rewarding.

Many people are not philosophical.  Work is therapy as well as “paying the bills.”

Let liberal economics stand with some controls and Keynesian stimulation on constructive projects and some protection on nascent industries (e.g., invention of batteries).

Abraham Boulder

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