Hegelian idiocy: “we want to look good, for Heaven!”

Before any war battles are fought, telecommunication needs disruption.

This entails nuclear detonation of bombs in “mid-air.”

But by the time they finish knocking out telecommunications, seven bombs or so will have detonated and in 10 years time all people on planet Earth will be dead. Just from the mid-air detonations.

That’s before they even battle the enemy forces.

Why a strategy like this? Why all the hardware if the war is over before they fight?

We spend billions of dollars just to look good. We don”t need to win. Just impress Jesus and you will be part of favorable Final Judgment.

All war battles are just to look good before you die.

All the military equipment is a waste of money.

Your staging a war that no one can win. A “Spielberg” war with actual bloodshed. To impress God with.

You haven’t fought the war yet, and you already lost the war.

Abraham Boulder

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