And the [heartbeat] goes on

The covid19 is something the Honorable Governor Inslee has addressed in scientific terms and includes adaptation (learning) from experience to implement the phases or partial phases of active life.

Notice as a result of scientific implementation of behavior, whether we are, at any given time of day:  good or bad, right or wrong, but kindly please–we have to conduct correct behavior for the “we” in “me.”

Social distancing includes “social” because it’s so all of us can breathe better.

Same with face masks.  To  isolate while we participate.

Now I don’t want to come off as an extremist and dying or harm to your body is not good, but I don’t believe it’s God’s action.  I mean it’s a virus–right?!

I believe that God is good.

And I sincerely believe that God is showing us the way–the correct way.

First he stops all work to give you opportunity to be with family.  To look at the long road ahead of us.

Then he helps us (by aiding each other) to learn the habits of safe, correct scientific action.  And also recommending to be kind to one another.

Now I know there is a hustle to collect the greenbacks to live on.

What I’m trying to show is we are learning scientific correct behavior to live and strive for a livelihood, and in our own ways flourish.

I mean, we’re going to Mars, right.

Well what NASA is keeping from us (and it’s “top secret”) is there is a squadron of Martians that are coming to exoplanet Earth who, when seen, wave fervently and approvingly to the crews of humans getting ready to go to Mars.

They believe it’s very good that we go conquer Mars.

Because they in turn are sending Martians to Earth like crazy (that is, millions of Martians to Earth).

Because it’s easier to adapt to Earth’s scientific requirements of correct behavior the same “correct behavior” we learn with covid19 is required for fuel sources.   Weatherproofing homes.  Adjusting corral reefs to new acidity and temperature.   Corning glass [C.] the exoplanet’s coasts.

It’s applied technology for applied science.  Since it’s scientific.  We’ll continue learning to do things correctly no matter whatever is expected of us.  It’s just a continuation we’ve already begun.

What “throws us” is complexity.

But hey complexity science does exist.

They are firing up fusion power.

AI is getting quantum artificial thinking cap.  It being a tool.  Only a tool.  To human command.

We turn the wheels of this locomotive and it’s doable to manage the complexity.

Just do the habits–correctly.

Human and God, and AI quantum fusion tool speed.

Abraham Boulder

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