Presence, c. 2005. London

Nicholas Brealey, publ.

“This blind spot concerns not the what and how–not what leaders do and how they do it–but [in this instance] the who: who we are and the inner place or source from which we operate, both individually, [in the commons, and those in communes–all creating or innovating or doing in psyche economy surplus–against psyche economy deficit.]”

This a wonderful commons each experiences with their own me.

In no way does it mean the economy can’t be aided by the Fed, the Fiscal policy at the Treasury Department or U.S. Congress and the Presidency.

We achieve psyche economy surplus with the aid of universe upper ceiling of sanity.

Fire off ideas across the trillion galaxies in universe commons within your inner consciousness of your own me with the Maker, Creator for creative energy of human singularity focused on our today’s problems and brainstorming constructive solutions. The private initiative is paramount.

Peace go with, you, this applies to Wm. James’ counterconversion in creative doing and brainstorming problemsolving for workable, constructive doing by literal dead-lines without a diety, as well.

Bringing ideas into the grave realm of earthly gravity to test practicality and effectiveness in results. Bringing the ideas “on [exoplanet] home.” Writing them down on standard paper folded to make a “pocket page maker.” Or keying the ideas (possible solutions) with your keyboard.

All settled, all complete. Now do-able. Now usable. Now go and revise for trade in the various markets essential and sustainable.

Thereby core economy to sustain the economy with fundamental businesses so that confidence exists thst we aee not living delusional lives.

Actual essential and sustainable markets keep financials from crashing.

Abraham Boulder

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