Possession and strength in good be great that challenges the world to do what they have to do already, be best at what he or she does.
But seldom gets recognized and now is flagged to acknowledge and further avoidance of extinction.

What is needed is a legal definition of corporation or legal license to engage in busy-ness to maintain sustainable outputs and wipe our asses clean after making limited output for limited profit (legally defining the corporate body).

Do we not want big profit?  Let us not venture to hemorrhage liberal economics of personal greed aggregates such that the credit worthiness is A+ and A.  And C rating is more exception to the rule of non-extinction.

In this legal action we surrender to long-time goals which sustains quarterly profit for the life of the corporation.  Only now our preoccupation with making profits aligns with exoplanet-human survivability; which is the basis for creditworthiness of the corporation  by a private firm like Moody’s.

Analysis of business credit worthiness entails business stewardship and priority of exoplanet remedial action determined in academe earth sciences departments.

The urgent remedial getting A+. The sustainable A.  And the destructive C which includes calculations for economic disincentives whose sums easily transfer and promote economic incentives for A+ and A ratings in their monies and in the pro-human genetic species business.

One of homo sapiens, homo sapiens, sapiens and one of homo sapiens sapiens sapiens.

Abraham Boulder.

P.S. If you are royalty, you worry if you are a hemophiliac.

If not your blood boils for action!

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